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Apple Stores now selling iPad gift cards

David Quilty

Apple has begun selling their signature silver gift cards inside "iPad Gift Card" packaging just in time for the holiday rush. iLounge says that although the cards themselves aren't anything different than the ones I normally get from family as Christmas gifts, they can now be used to purchase an iPad. When I bought my current iPhone I tried to use gift cards and wasn't allowed to do so -- Apple mandated that customers had to use a debit or a credit card -- but I guess this is a change in company policy.

I would much rather unwrap an actual iPad on Christmas morning rather than just a gift card, but beggars can't be choosers, can they? If you are traveling to see me for the holidays, I completely understand it would be a lot easier to pack a gift card than an iPad. So you're more than welcome to bring me one if you absolutely have to. I won't mind!

[via MacStories]

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