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Google Bookstore for web and iOS

TJ Luoma, @tjluoma

As expected, Google announced their bookstore today, offering eBooks for sale to be read across supported devices including iOS and Android, as well as web clients (no native reader for Windows, Mac, Linux, but you can download PDFs or ePub files for offline reading).

As of this writing the apps do not appear in the US iOS App Store. TUAW writer Richard Gaywood tells us that the Google Bookstore is not available to him at all in the UK, so don't be surprised to find that the Google Bookstore isn't available in many countries that aren't located between Canada and Mexico.

Right now we're busy kicking the tires and haven't even been able to take a look at the iOS app yet, but at least we know that Google will keep track of your where you were reading if you switch from one device to another.

Check out a short promotional video after the break.

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