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Super Meat Boy PC box art is a nightmare made tangible

We thought that nothing related to Super Meat Boy could possibly be more upsetting than that I Want to Be the Guy level, but there's no way we could have foreseen ... this. Graphic artist Dave Rapoza, who caught the eye of Team Meat with an equally disturbing piece of fan art earlier this year, has drawn up a new hyper-realistic design that will make its way onto the box of the Super Meat Boy PC special edition. Check out the full illustration after the jump.

We can't place our finger on what makes our initial reaction to the painting one of immeasurable horror; it really is an incredibly creative and beautifully drawn interpretation of the game's tiny, pixelated lead characters. Maybe that's what's so upsetting -- we never imagined that hidden within that blocky frame was a totally ripped physique.

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