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The Aepel Phone is a product


Um, ok look... we're not sure what the Aepel Phone is exactly. We know it's for girls because the t-shirt says so and we know it's a phone because it's right there in the product name. However, "phone" seems to be a whacky mistranslation of the "binary CDMA" tech used in the wireless mic. If we had to guess, we'd say it's a battery-powered compact speaker for fetishists ensnarled by their desire to read Canon service manuals to bespectacled teddy bears. It's more common than you think. Check the whole mangled press release after the break.

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The AEPEL Phone is a Product, Developed for the First Time in Korea by AEPEL Inc.

December 7, 2010

The AEPEL phone is a product, developed for the first time in Korea by AEPED Inc specialized in sound equipment, to combine the functions of the wireless microphone and mobile compact amplifier.

The AEPEL phone uses the binary CDMA technology, making it possible to provide clearer sound compared with the existing Bluetooth technology and also to use the multiple units of the products in the same area almost without causing noise or interference.

In addition to it, the product uses lithium polymer battery, allowing the product to be run for 20 hours when used for the function of amplifier, and 8 hours when used for the function of wireless microphone. The diffuser-type design of the horn enables the sound to be delivered not only indoors, but also outdoors.

Due to the extremely compact size as well as the weight of 288g, it is easy to carry the product with everyone. The aux terminal will allow customer to use a computers or MP3 by connecting it. The product also provides simultaneous outputs from the wireless and wired aux functions.

There are two different types of models, FC-730, which provides wireless and wired functions, and FC-530, which provides only wired function, while both of them are certified for FCC and CE.

While the main users have been those who use their voices a lot, such as teachers and instructors, there is a trend that the users have become diverse, like those in outdoor events, military bases and large-scale marts.

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