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X-Men Arcade coming to XBLA on Dec. 15 as two-month exclusive [update]


Update: The release date has been updated by Konami. X-Men Arcade arrives in North American on December 14 for PSN and December 15 for XBLA.

Following October's announcement of Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions of X-Men Arcade, many of you had just one question for publisher Konami: "When do we get to play it?" (Two if you count, "Did anyone pick Dazzler yet?") In speaking with Eurogamer, Konami confirmed that the game would slice up Xbox Live Arcade in North America and Europe next Wednesday, December 15. PlayStation Network will get the game two months later in February.

No price has been put to the partially updated release, but we're hoping Microsoft's exclusivity money bag keeps it squashed.

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