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Monumental Games continues restructuring without further layoffs


MotoGP 09/10 developer Monumental Games suffered a major setback in November when an unannounced project for a large publisher unexpectedly fell through, forcing the company to restructure and reduce headcount. Speaking to Develop more recently, Monumental COO Paul Mayze explained that its subsidiary company has been deemed "technically insolvent."

According to Mayze, the UK-based Monumental Games Ltd will enter administration, while owner Monumental Games Group Ltd will carry on trading and retain the 30 staff members at its Nottingham location. "We're securing funding for Monumental Games Group to continue trading, and that's all in the process of being finalised right now," he said. "We're going to continue to focus on the areas that we're already working on. We'll still have the racing studio, we'll still focus on our digital online projects, and we still have the Prime engine business."

Prime is a 3D engine for massively multiplayer online games that can be embedded into web browsers. According to Develop, the technology is "gathering strong interest" from several publishers.

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