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Sparkpad platform revealed by way of FCC, could make your wildest photo frame fantasies come true

Chris Ziegler

A visit to Sparkpad's website gives you little more than a "coming soon" teaser, but not all is lost, friends: new filings in the FCC's database today are letting the cat out of the bag. We're still not sure exactly how this stuff is going to be sold, but Sparkpad's products are looking a bit like a Bug Labs for larger displays, seemingly allowing hobbyists and companies without massive R&D budgets to throw together Linux-based interactive products that run on photo frames ranging from 7 to 10.4 inches -- and if that's not big enough, there's also some sort of option for remotely-operated displays of 15 inches and larger. The devices can be programmed using Flash, the Lua language, or -- coming soon -- using the Android SDK, making for a pretty versatile setup. Interestingly, Sparkpad's manual points out that this is the platform used by the iGala touchscreen photo frame from a couple years back, so we're guessing that the company is just now looking at opening up the underlying platform to all comers. Anyhow, yeah -- if you've ever dreamed of programming your own DreamScreen, Sparkpad might be the way to roll.

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