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Spotlight on the Forsaken World occupation system

Eliot Lefebvre

Forsaken World, the upcoming free-to-play title from Perfect World Entertainment, has been seeing a pretty big publicity push of late. The most recent official spotlight puts the focus on the game's occupation system, which is somewhat akin to a crafting system while at the same time being quite a bit broader. Yes, the system includes the option for players to craft their own equipment as well as contains side professions such as alchemy -- but it also includes more unusual options, such as becoming a socialite to unlock hidden quests or predicting the future with astrology.

According to the spotlight, some occupations are obtained automatically via leveling. Others must be unlocked by spending Job Points, which are earned as players progress along the game's main storyline. While characters have a wide variety of different potential specialties, there's no way to take part in every single occupation, thus forcing players to pick and choose what would work best for each character. If you're looking forward to Forsaken World, take a closer look at the preview, which promises to add another level of variety onto the gameplay.

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