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Woz flashes fake white iPhone 4 on CNN


You've got to hand it to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Although he hasn't really done anything for the company since 1987, he is becoming quite the TV star. He's been a competitor on Dancing with the Stars, did a cameo on Big Bang Theory, and was recently seen on CNN flashing a white iPhone 4.

A white iPhone 4? You mean one of those oft-delayed mythical beasts that may actually appear in the spring of 2011?

Well, it turns out that Woz is having the last laugh. The white iPhone 4 is actually a fake. Woz purchased a set of white front and back plates from the young entrepreneur that Apple later shut down, and modded his iPhone 4 with the plates.

We think that Woz just wanted to have a white iPhone 4 before "that other Steve" got one.

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