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Final Fantasy XIV team restructuring, PS3 version delayed


We've got bad news and we've got worse news. First, the bad news: The PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV, originally due March of next year, has been delayed indefinitely.

The worse news is that it's been delayed because the PC game is such a disaster. In an announcement released to the FFXIV community, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada apologized for the fact that the game isn't very enjoyable ... and then said that the FFXIV team is restructuring, with new leadership stepping in. Producer Hiromichi Tanaka is out, with Naoki Yoshida taking over as producer/director, and many other positions are also being restaffed. The new team is now working on "a concrete plan outlining Final Fantasy XIV's new direction." Until that new plan is implemented, the game's free trial period will continue.

And so, with the PC version currently a directionless mess, Square Enix wisely decided not to base the PS3 version on that, but instead on whatever the post-restructuring game will be. There's good news, then: Square Enix stopped making what would have been a terrible PS3 game.

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