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Gran Turismo 5 ships 5.5 million worldwide


Sony's pretty confident in its latest big release, Gran Turismo 5. The publisher shipped 5.5 million copies of the game to retailers worldwide since launching in late November, pushing the entire franchise's worldwide lifetime shipped numbers to just over the 60 million mark (61.41 million, precisely). Gran Turismo 5 debuted on November 24th and placed 8th on the NPD's software sales ranking for that month.

Sony and developer Polyphony Digital also noted their dedication to expanding the world of GT5 in the future. "Polyphony Digital Inc., will continue hereon to vigorously promote development of the Gran Turismo series, which can be expected to evolve even further through the PS3 platform and broadband network environment." Let's hope for more notable additions, like the recent introduction (v1.03) of tiered vehicle damage to online races.

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