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Mac App Store has software developers optimistic

David Quilty

With the Mac App Store set to launch in January 2011, software developers are excited about the prospect of the success of Apple's mobile App Store crossing over to the desktop market. While most OS X software will need to be rewritten in order to work within the confines of the new store, companies are interested in seeing how well their products can do in front of a larger audience, even if a lower price point is needed for those customers used to buying less expensive apps online. Talking to Fortune Magazine, Delicious Library's Wil Shipley said that "the first people who were on the iPhone App Store did incredibly well -- they basically made a fortune," and I imagine there are many developers thinking the exact same thing.

Apple projects that prices for their own apps will fall between $15-$20, but developers selling their own software will get a 70 percent cut of sales just as they do in the iOS store. While this could potentially eat into the profit margins they are used to when selling on their own, they are ever hopeful that Apple's users will do as much shopping in the Mac App Store as they currently do in the iOS App Store. TUAW's own Brett Terpstra polled several developers back in October about their initial reactions to the Mac App Store, and most of them think this is going to be a good opportunity for them. We'll have to see -- certainly the Mac App Store should mirror some of the circumstances of the iOS App Store, but there are probably some surprises "in store" as well.

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