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Drivers wanted on Planet Calypso

Eliot Lefebvre

Planet Calypso is an odd sort of virtual world, a free-to-play game that allows players to exchange in-game money for real cash. It's gearing up for the auction of the new Medusa's Head islands, which contain a variety of services and species for the enterprising landowner. And in anticipation of just that, a new update has offered the perfect vehicles for running through an unspoiled tropical paradise -- high-powered combat tanks, helicopters, and warboats bristling with deadly armaments.

Along with three new Nordic-named vessels -- the Megingjord tank, the Naglfar boat, and the Gungnir helicopter -- the update brings with it a variety of updates to the use of vehicles. Commissioning has been removed, and a weapon mounting system has been added to help facilitate the addition of aforementioned deadly armaments. Even if they're not planning on bidding on the brand-new islands, Planet Calypso players should be able to enjoy the environment in their vehicles of choice.

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