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Indie Mac Gift Pack offers discounted Mac software for the holidays


A crew of well-known independent Mac developers has banded together to offer a pretty good deal on some Mac software this holiday season. The Indie Mac Gift pack is offering six great Mac apps (Acorn 2, Delicious Library 2, MarsEdit 3, Radioshift, SousChef and Sound Studio 4) for just $60, a savings of more than $200 if purchased separately at full price. That's a phenomenal deal -- in fact, the only reason you probably wouldn't want to take advantage of it is if you already own a few of these apps, which you might already, given that they're pretty darn good.

But if you haven't yet picked these up to use in the past, the gift pack is a nice little bonus right before Christmas. The sale's going on for over two weeks (right through the holiday season), so you've got plenty of time to head over there and both get some great software and support some of our favorite indie Mac devs.

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