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iPad now available on Best Buy's online store


US electronics retailer Best Buy has offered Apple's iPad in some of its retail stores for some time, but the device hasn't been available in Best Buy's online store. As of this past weekend, that's changed: the iPad is now available online at Best Buy.

Both the Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the iPad are available at the same prices Apple charges (no T.J. Maxx-style deep discounts, unfortunately), but Best Buy is currently offering an incentive to potential iPad buyers: 20 percent off on three iPad accessory packages. The availability of online purchases from Best Buy also expands the iPad's reach into areas that don't have any Apple retail presence. Customers in rural regions who are hundreds of miles from the nearest Apple Store may have been reluctant to buy one from Apple's online store, but they may be more willing to make an online purchase from Best Buy.

The iPad's reach in the US continues to expand beyond its initial Apple-only roots. It's now available not just directly through Apple, but also at Best Buy (physical and online stores), Target, Walmart and at AT&T and Verizon's stores. Many overseas retailers have been given leave to sell the device as well; for example, five out of six major electronics retailers in New Zealand now sell the iPad in at least some of their stores. With the iPad becoming available in more varied locations, it's clear that Apple's aiming for very wide market penetration.

[via Electronista]

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