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Shocker! Internet use now ties TV in time spent avoiding outdoor activity

Ross Miller

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Despite a huge dropoff in cable subscribers this year, Forrester Research's 40,000-strong survey pegs consumer TV consumption at about 13 hours weekly, same as it ever was. But lo and behold, reported internet use has also risen to 13 hours weekly, a veritable tie to which we naturally reply, "what took it so long?" This number represents a 121 percent uptake in the past five years and attributes its success to multitaskers and those who are spending less time with radio, newspaper, and magazines -- again, nothing too mind-blowing to our perception of reality. If the survey has revealed anything surprise to us, it's that email is only used by 92 percent of those questioned, leaving at least eight percent classically trained in case the post-apocalyptic world of Kevin Costner's The Postman ever becomes reality.

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