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Found Footage: iPad portrait of Woz

Michael Gray

David Newman is an accomplished painter who's been using Apple computers since 1984. The above video shows him painting a portrait of none other than Steve Wozniak, which the Apple founder has started using as his Facebook profile picture. Newman sat with Woz for 3 hours creating the portrait entirely on an iPad, and Wozniak reportedly thinks this is the best portrait of him ever created.

The movie shares Newman's process as he created the portrait. You can see that the very first brush strokes were actually the artist spelling out "Woz" over and over. After that, Newman sketched in huge patches of color and shape. As the process continued, he layered additional touches of color, refined the shapes and added details. We especially like the box of Dots candy to Wozniak's left -- nice touch. Newman's got a great eye for detail, and a project like this really shows off the creative possibilities of Apple's magical and revolutionary device.

[Via Razorianfly]

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