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RIFT Podcast features Gershowitz, Bowens, and beta talk

Jef Reahard

Episode 23 of the RIFT Podcast is up for your listening pleasure, and its hosts, Arithion and Desikis, have a lot to talk about this week. Joining them are Trion Worlds senior community manager Cindy "Abigale" Bowens and producer Adam Gershowitz. Gershowitz has plenty to say over the course of the podcast, including info on RIFT's soul system, global cooldowns, a brief recap of the first beta weekend (as well as objectives for the second), and tweaks to the title's invasion system.

"We're kind of going back, not to the drawing board per se, but we're kind of going back and refining our numbers. Really what our goal is with the invasions is to look at various areas of the game and various areas of the zone [...] and send the appropriate amount of content to that area when we launch an invasion," Gershowitz explains.

For more on the RIFT beta process as well as further details about the game, check out earlier episodes of the RIFT Podcast .

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