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Gran Turismo 5 creator wants monthly updates, plans premium car upgrades


Gran Turismo 5 may be out in stores, but its creators don't consider their work complete just yet. Since its release, Polyphony Digital's racing game has already received a few updates, with more on the way. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi explained to Famitsu that "it would be good to have one update every month."

Of particular note for car enthusiasts would be the expansion of the game's premium car offerings. Although the game launched with over a thousand cars, only one fifth of the vehicles are represented with "premium" models, which feature higher resolution textures, fully modeled interiors and undercarriages, and damage modeling. Yamauchi promised that new premium cars would be made available for download, but
Andriasang notes that he failed to confirm whether or not the updates would be free.

Although the team is working on adding new features and updated models into GT5, there are a few items you shouldn't expect via patches:
new cars and courses. "They may be added as expansion content," Yamauchi explained, "or we may leave it until the next title."

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