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Ask Engadget: best latex-free mouse and keyboard solution?

Darren Murph

We know you've got questions, and if you're brave enough to ask the world for answers, here's the outlet to do so. This week's Ask Engadget question is coming to us from Cris, who can't seem to find a latex-free mouse that he needs to prevent allergic reactions. If you're looking to send in an inquiry of your own, drop us a line at ask [at] engadget [dawt] com.
"I work in an office environment for ten hours a day in front of a computer where my right hand spends most of it's time on my wireless Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 2.0. It's a mouse I've loved, but there's an issue. I have discovered that I'm allergic to the rubber latex used in the mouse. Although I have not had a tough time finding posts online from people complaining of the same problem, I have had a very difficult time finding a solution. I need a latex-free mouse, preferably with similar features to the Intellimouse I love so much. It's easy to find many things in a latex-free variety; obviously mice aren't in that group. Thanks!"
So, any suggestions for Cris? Quite a few folks are allergic to latex rubber, and it's borderline impossible to believe that no latex-free mouse lives in a world chock full of options. If you've managed to uncover a gem that fits the bill (or a particular keyboard, while we're on the subject), drop a hint in comments below.

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