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Jabra's EASYGO billed as the headset for 'Bluetooth beginners'

Chris Ziegler

In a world where $70-plus Bluetooth headsets are common and $100-plus headsets aren't unheard of, it's refreshing to see a cheap model come out from a top-tier manufacturer, isn't it? Nokia showed its €20 BH-106 a couple months ago, and now we've got the $39.99 EASYGO from Jabra, a peripheral the company says is perfect for "Bluetooth beginners." Presumably, Jabra would love to see a customer graduate from this to something like a Stone2 when the time's right, but that doesn't mean the EASYGO is a slouch: it's got verbal guidance of battery level and pairing status, a feature that you don't always see in this segment of the market. If you're looking for a cheap stocking stuffer and you're trying to get someone to take their hands off their phone while they're driving, you're in luck -- it's available now.

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