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Arithion from The Rift Podcast visits Trion, investigates the endgame

Karen Bryan

This week, Arithion from the RIFT Podcast temporarily traded in her microphone for a camera and traveled to Trion Worlds to get a firsthand look at RIFT. While we've heard a lot about features like the dynamic invasions and the soul system, Ari was determined to investigate one area of the game that we haven't heard much about -- the endgame. She writes:

"A game needs to have Endgame content in order to appeal to me – and with so many recent games failing to deliver precisely that, I was resigned to the fact that RIFT would probably do the same and I'd end up with a game to pass the time for a couple of months before subjecting me to the boredom of nothing to play until the next thing comes out. I was wrong."

Happily, she reports that RIFT has some exciting endgame content, including two raid instances and many raid rifts, which she describes as "magnificent, difficult, (and) damn impressive." Head to The RIFT to read more about her visit and details on RIFT's raid content.

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