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The MMO Report: MMOs of 2010

It's the present that keeps on giving -- no, not kittens -- The MMO Report! This week Casey takes a look back at the highlights of 2010, with lots of love, laughs, and lolling about on his desk. Jumping straight in, he gets those pesky awards out of the way with a quick cameo by Adam Sessler, who clues us in on G4TV's winner for the best MMO of 2010. (Surprise.) From there, you'd better grab your coffee as you'll need it for Casey's whip-quick delivery of talking points on this year's big MMO releases.

Also of note are predictions on what's going to continue to run well in 2011 from the batch of 2010 MMO titles and 2011 hopefuls. We don't want to spoil it for you, but we suspect there will be hordes of very grumpy moogles furiously typing away at their mog-terminal keyboards. We're also left wondering where we can get a magical sound button of our very own, as that bad boy looks like it is entirely too much fun.

As always, you can catch The MMO Report posted here every week, or check it out over on G4TV.

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