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Rugged Outdoor Gaming Units, Etc making PS3s for the 'harshest of conditions'


Rugged Outdoor Gaming Units, Etc (aka ROGUE) is looking to service our armed forces with rugged all-in-one gaming devices. The goal? "To provide every every big kid with entertainment no matter where his travels take him." The product? The Staff Sergeant PeliStation, available beginning the spring of next year.

Priced at $1750, the PeliStation includes a 1080p 22" HD display, built-in PS3, a surge protector and four network outputs. "With a weight of just 35 lbs., this complete setup is easy to carry whether you're going on a weekend camping trip or year-long deployment to the desert," the product description adds. While a feat of engineering, we can't help but wonder if the rumored PSP2 would better serve this purpose?

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