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The Daily Blues


Each day, WoW Insider takes you through all the blue posts and other Blizzard news from around the internet. From the latest posts from Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer) to the lowdown on StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3, we'll keep you informed.

Today there are a couple blue posts, but nothing earth-shattering. Remember that a lot of the blues are probably on vacation already, and this week tends to be kind of slow, historically. If there's not a lot of blue news tomorrow, we probably won't run The Daily Blues and instead save everything for Friday or Saturday.

Crithto -- Why a thread is 404'd

What causes a thread to go 404? I have had three threads 404 minutes after I make them. They are usually just questions about the game with nothing in them I can think of that would cause them to get deleted. Anyone know what it means if your thread just disappears? blah blah blah

Just to clarify, both of your threads were deleted. You didn't do anything wrong with what you posted, per se, other than re-post what was previously deleted the second time you created the thread (typically a no-no around these parts). More importantly, though, we have a UI & Macro forum which is in place to have such discussions and lessen the clutter that can pop up in General. You can find it here:

On a side note, I'll be sure to ping someone about your suggestion. =)

Nevalistis -- Account security resources

I've been key logged... again. This time after they took all my gold they decided to delete my main. Why..? Does this help cover their tracks or something? Are they just doing it out of spite?

Steeling my gold is bad enough, but I can understand why they do it. But deleting my main? Come on man!

At least this pushed my lazy butt to download that authenticator Iphone app. Seems password changes and a virus scan isn't enough these days.

Antibody, we have a number of articles on account and computer security that you may consider checking out. And of course, if you have not already submitted a petition to request restorations for your characters, you may want to use our Account Recovery web form to do so.

I highly recommend doing a full security sweep for both your computer and your registered e-mail address first, however. Be aware that many of these types will work their way into your e-mail address so that they may have more control over your account. Changing your e-mail address password is important to do as well, or possibly even changing the e-mail associated with your e-mail account, preferably to an e-mail you only use for

Account Recovery web form Account Security Awareness

Account and Computer Security Authenticator Dial-in Authenticator

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