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Plato shown holding an iPad in a creative clay sculpture (video)


When technology meets art, the possibilities are endless. We have seen the iPad used as a canvas to paint portraits, most recently of Woz, and multiple iPads used to create a giant Lara Croft-emblazoned iPhone. This latest iPad-themed artistic experiment takes a traditional sculpture of Plato and places an anachronistic iPad into his hands. No longer contemplating the pressing social issues of his time, the great thinker can now ponder the meaning of FaceTime and whether he really wants it on his iPad, the influence of the App Store, and the validity of the reality distortion field.

After the break, you will find a time-lapse video detailing the sculpting process which starts with a simple wire frame armature and ends with an iPad-toting Greek philosopher. It is definitely worth the four minutes it takes to watch it from beginning to end.

Thanks to Adam who created this work of art and sent it in!

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