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TERA fly-through videos showcase the Valley of Titans and Pirate Grotto

Jef Reahard

What's better than a new TERA fly-through video? Two new TERA fly-through videos, of course! We've got a look at two new zones for you, courtesy of En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studio. First up is the Pirate Grotto, a smuggler's haven tucked away in the jungles of TERA's Jagged Coast. Brigands of all shapes and sizes call the area home, as do many stashes of treasure, relics, and various hordes of wealth ripe for the plunder.

Next up is the Valley of Titans, and as the name suggests, it's big. Giant monuments of an earlier age dot the landscape, proving that size does matter and that TERA's designers know how to create stunning scenery. The valley also plays host to a secretive cult bent on destroying both the beautiful landscapes and the ranchers who call it home. You can view both trailers after the cut.

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