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Breakfast Topic: Merry Christmas from WoW Insider


Merry Christmas, everyone, from all of us at WoW Insider. It's been an amazing year, and now in the season of giving as we approach a brand new year, I can only give you my thanks. Christmas means a lot to me, not for any reason but that it's wonderful to spend time with family and friends. We all find our own reasons to celebrate this time of year, and for me, Christmas has always been Second Thanksgiving -- I get to revel in the happiness and good will that I've tried to cultivate all year.

Also, Christmas sucks. You know why Christmas sucks? Because my 10-man is all away for the weekend, which means the Omnitron Defense System has to wait. Ugh. I swear, can you guys just forsake your family and friends for the sake of me getting purples? I mean, really. Get in the giving spirit and help me get epics.

How are you guys and gals spending Christmas? What are you most excited about, and have you gotten anyone a really great gift?

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