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Take a good, long look at the first Uncharted 3 gameplay footage


Sony has released a pair of Uncharted 3 gameplay videos, comprising most of what we saw at a recent press event (and what Fallon stumbled through on Late Night). Seen after the break, Drake and Sully have found their way to an overgrown French chateau on the path of T.E. Laurence. As they find what they came for, a group of thugs from a mysterious cult -- hint: the bad guys! -- shows up to burn the place down ... with our heroes inside.

Keep an eye out for Drake's new combat moves, including kicking one enemy while being grappled by another, a flying stealth attack and some weapon-grabbing takedowns. Also take notice of Naughty Dog's slick new fire modeling as it consumes the crumbling chateau. It's too bad Drake and Sully appear to be falling to a fiery death at the end of the second clip -- the game probably would have turned out to be excellent.

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