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Trojan found attached to several Android games in China


We imagine dozens of tiny Trojan horses dangling off of Android phones in China as a result of a new Trojan Horse virus named "Geinimi," but frankly, that's not what happens. Adorable as that sounds, the virus attached to several Android games found on third-party Chinese app stores could be used to allow the attacker remote control of your Android-enabled device. Folks who picked up copies of Monkey Jump 2, Sex Positions, President vs. Aliens ... wait, what? Sex Positions?!

Anyway, the list also includes City Defense and Baseball Superstars 2010 (among others), and the only versions found affected thus far are those distributed via Chinese app stores -- "the original versions available in the official Google Android Market have not been affected," notes mobile security firm Lookout. "Though the intent of this Trojan isn't entirely clear, the possibilities range from setting up a malicious mobile ad network to creating an Android botnet," the company added. And while the Trojan has yet to pop up on North America-based Android devices, Lookout CTO Kevin Mahaffey noted, "possible infected apps could be posted to app stores targeting US users in the future."

If you've managed to end up with Geimini on your Android device, well, stop downloading games from third-party Chinese app stores. Also, you might want to look into security software that Lookout offers for free right here.

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