RIM shows off PlayBook's browser chops, SDK in latest round of teaser vids

It looks like RIM's really sticking to this "you don't need an app for the web" mantra for its hotly anticipated PlayBook -- at least according to the latest crop of videos the company has outed. In what is no doubt an attempt to drum up some buzz before a swarm of other tablets descends on CES, the company has chosen to highlight its latest browser improvements to prove just how "real" the web is on the PlayBook. HTML5 video playback looks super smooth, as does Flash video in the desktop YouTube site. Impressively, the entire Facebook experience works exactly like it does on the desktop -- even supporting Facebook chat, which the iPad's browser can't handle. They demonstrate Flash games working without a hitch, so you can breathe a sigh of relief, Farmville-addicts. The second video explores the SDK -- no doubt in an attempt to reiterate the ease of programming for the PlayBook -- and while there's a good bit of technical jargon, we have to say that the Fantasy Football app shown off looks pretty sweet. Why RIM can't somehow manage to bring these improvements to its already-shipping BlackBerry line, we still can't quite comprehend, but we'll be visiting the RIM booth as soon as the show opens to see the latest improvements for ourselves. In the meantime, peep the videos after the break.