FAQ attack: Trion clarifies RIFT pre-order options

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.05.11

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FAQ attack: Trion clarifies RIFT pre-order options
With all the news and discussion swirling around RIFT these past few days, many players may be considering pre-ordering Trion Worlds' baby to snag the head start and bonus items. However, as evidenced by the comments in a previous post here on Massively, there's a bit of confusion as to how all this works out, especially if one does not want to make a misstep.

Fortunately, Community Manager Abigale posted a pre-order FAQ on the RIFT forums to clear up any murky haze floating around the subject. One of the biggest questions concerns the status of VIP codes, which are automatically granted to any pre-order customers. If the player pre-ordered the game through Trion Worlds directly, his account is flagged for all future beta events, but if the player went through a retailer, an extra step is required to enter an emailed code into his account.

The pre-order FAQ also deals with payment methods, how the rewards are dispersed to characters, and the life expectancy of beta characters come launch (hint: Don't get too attached!). For anyone wondering why RIFT is being released on two different days between North America and Europe, Trion says that NA traditionally releases on Tuesdays whereas Europe prefers Fridays. Head on over to the RIFT pre-order FAQ for more info!
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