Apple updates 'All-Time Top Apps' prior to 10 billionth app download

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.18.11

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Apple updates 'All-Time Top Apps' prior to 10 billionth app download

As we move closer to the 10 billionth app sold on the App Store, Apple has updated its all-time top paid and free iPhone and iPad app lists, showing the top 200,000 or so apps on the store, ranked in order of sales and downloads. There aren't a lot of surprises in here -- if you've been following the App Store pretty closely over the first few years of its life, odds are that you'll know about most of these titles. But it is interesting to see them ranked. On the iPhone, Doodle Jump takes the crown as the most popular paid app of all time, with Tap Tap Revenge 3, Pocket God and Angry Birds filling out the top four. In free apps, Facebook and other free utilities are on top, with Backflip Studios' Paper Toss the only game in the top few entries.

The iPad lists are interesting, being only a year old. There's still a fart app in there, under paid apps, surprisingly. The paid list is a strange mix of games and utilities, while the free apps are a little more obvious, mirroring a lot of the iPhone apps list (with iBooks coming in about halfway out of the top 10).

As I said, all pretty obvious choices at this point, but still, very interesting to see. Good luck to everyone on being that 10 billionth app, and congrats as always to Apple on building such a solid platform over the past few years.

[via MacStories]
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