British man convicted for riding Segway on the sidewalk, can't ride on the street either

The United Kingdom's Department for Transport passed regulations making Segways subject to road traffic laws four and a half years ago, which effectively banned their use on Britain's sidewalks. And now, after years of apparent non-enforcement, UK's Highway Act of 1835 has finally claimed its first Segway-riding victim. An unemployed factory worker was convicted of riding a motor vehicle on a "pavement", which apparently is another word for sidewalk in the Queen's English, and was ordered to pay a total of £340 ($540) when the court found that Segways qualify as motor vehicles under the 176 year-old law. Given that Segways don't meet the safety standards required to be legally used on UK roads, it looks like Brits who own Woz's preferred mode of transport are exclusively limited to tooling around on private property lest they risk similar governmental retribution.