Segways now banned on British sidewalks

Ah, Segways -- some love 'em, some play polo with 'em, and still others prefer to ban 'em, courtesy of a 171-year-old highway law. That's right, last month, the British Department of Transportation said "no, sir" to the good 'ol go-go gyroscope. In fact, the DoT went so far as to issue "Regulations for Self-balancing Scooters", citing non-compliance with European safety laws and with the Highway Act of 1835. Apparently riding your Segway on private property is cool, but on public sidewalks -- or to use the British spelling, footpaths -- is a big no-no. Upset about it? Go write your MP! Or better yet, hand-carry your letters direct to Parliament. Surely, as we write, Dean Kamen himself must be rallying the infuriated legions of British Segway riders to storm the Palace of Westminster -- that is, assuming they're not waiting to be armed with the intimidating power of the Centaur.