iDOS 2: The return of the emulator

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iDOS 2: The return of the emulator

Back in October of 2010, we told you about iDOS, a 99¢ software emulation of good old DOS. The universal app was able to even run an ancient version of Microsoft Windows (3.0), and came with a handful of "freeware / abandonware" applications like Ms. PacMan PC and DigDug. Unfortunately, the app was yanked from the App Store very quickly.

It's back on the App Store again, this time for free and with a vastly simplified setup. iDOS now comes with Wolfenstein 3D, the original Duke Nukem I and II, Major Striker, SuperNova and Kingdom of Kroz II. You can apparently move other DOS applications (if you can grab the code from those old floppies) into the /Apps/iDos/documents folder to run them in iDOS.

The app features a PC compatible soft keyboard, a virtual mouse, gamepad and joystick, and it's possible to force a 4:3 screen aspect ratio (640 x 480).

We don't know if Apple will yank iDOS from the App Store again; the fact that it was allowed back onto the store is amazing in itself, so the developers must have changed something just enough to keep the powers-that-be at Apple happy. In the meantime, if you've got a hankering for some hot DOS action, download this app fast.

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