Aion kicks off, Artisan's Expo event

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|01.26.11

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Aion kicks off, Artisan's Expo event
Early bird Daevas looking to get a head start on their Wednesday were thwarted by the patch gods this morning as Aion servers were briefly offline. The good news is that the downtime was in service of the new 2.1 patch (or more accurately, the second portion of it). Today's update shines the spotlight on crafting, and citizens of Atreia will be enjoying bonus crafting, essence-tapping, and aether-tapping gains courtesy of the Artisan Expo event that runs through February 2nd.

As for the patch itself, it features a bevy of tradeskilling tweaks, chief among them reduced material requirements for high level recipes, increased drop rates on some rare Balic materials, and an increased chance at rare gathering drops. The patch also addresses the long-standing issue of the Balaur taking over Kysis Fortress during normal siege times. Check out NCsoft's announcement post as well as the full patch notes for all the details.
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