Motorola's Xoom Super Bowl commercial tips hat to Apple's '1984' spot (video)

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.06.11

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Motorola's Xoom Super Bowl commercial tips hat to Apple's '1984' spot (video)
We saw it teased right around 48 hours ago, and now Motorola's full Xoom Super Bowl ad is out and about for the world to see. It aired just moments ago during Super Bowl XLV, and it's fairly obvious where it took inspiration. It's easily one of the best tech spots we've seen in quite some while, and as much as Motorola has been hyping its Honeycomb-based superslate, we'd say it better sell quite a few to recoup what it's already lost in marketing -- even at $800 a pop, it'll still take a boatload. The real question, however, is this: will today's America even get it? Hop on past the break and mash play if you missed out.

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Created by Anomaly New York, the ad entitled "Empower the People" is set in an Orwellian, 1984-esque world where technology – and people – are limited by restrictive platforms. Enter Motorola XOOM - the tablet to create a better world - and a new day with optimism, openness, freedom and empowerment.

Motorola XOOM redefines the tablet category by providing more ways to have fun, connect with friends and stay productive on the go. Out of more than 20,000 products announced at CES last month, the Motorola XOOM was named "Best in Show" by CNET and lauded with numerous accolades and awards.

As the first tablet running Google's new Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, the XOOM is powerful and fundamentally different than anything else on the market.

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