Sony PS2 handheld mod looks downright gorgeous, just needs a battery pack (video)

Oh, sure -- we've seen N64 handhelds and PS3 laptops, but how's about a PS2 handheld? Now that your brain is sufficiently melted, allow us to introduce you to England's own techknott, also known as the man responsible for the gorgeous piece of playable art shown above. Apparently, this PlayStation 2 handheld was crafted for a client, and in an effort to cut down on costs, doesn't have a built-in battery pack. That said, it's still an awful lot more mobile than even a slim PS2, and quite a bit more handsome if we may say so ourselves. Head on past the break for a live action video, and feel free to drop him a line in the source link if you'd love to have one of your own. No discounts promised or implied, though.

[Thanks, Palmer]