Tablet shocker! MSI WindPad 100A packs Tegra 2 and will ship with Honeycomb

At this point, MSI has been showing off its 10-inch Android tablet for a good half a year, but at least this time it's coming clean with some specs, and they're actually not half bad. Yep, the company brought its WindPad 100A to CeBIT and has announced that it, like most of the others, is powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and will get some sweet Honeycomb when it hits the market in late May or early June. The model on hand at CeBIT was running some 2.X version of Android, and the hardware was identical to the one we saw back at CES. MSI's told us that pricing hasn't been set yet, but hopefully, like Moto's Sanjay Jha just proclaimed, these tablet prices will be dropping come the second half of the year. Hit the gallery below for some closer hands-on shots. %Gallery-117776%