CCP auctioning off a special studio tour for charity

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CCP auctioning off a special studio tour for charity
Are you heading to Iceland for the EVE Online Fanfest coming up at the end of this month? Have some spare cash that you'd like to see go to a great cause? As part of its charity events at Fanfest this year, CCP is offering a super-special VIP tour of its studios -- a tour that is currently being auctioned off via a silent email auction. All proceeds from the auction will be going to benefit Get Well Gamers, a charity that helps provide games and consoles to the childrens' ward at many hospitals.

The lucky winner will get a personal dev tour into the inner sanctum of CCP HQ in Reykjavík led by CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson (aka CCP Hellmar). Along with the tour, the winner will be treated to lunch with the developers of EVE Online and given what the company describes as "a bunch of cool goodies." If you'd like to get a bid in, head over to the EVE Online site and read up on what you'll need to do to enter the silent auction. Good luck!
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