Nexon takes Atlantica Online under its wing

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.10.11

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Nexon takes Atlantica Online under its wing
Like a kid moving back into his parents' house, Atlantica Online is coming back home to Nexon. Nexon-owned NDoors both developed and operated the turn-based MMO, but Nexon has decided to take over the publishing and servicing duties directly as of March 22nd.

While Atlantica Online will continue to run as normal, this move does signify a few changes for the game. Nexon has promised that it will improve gameplay, make the servers run more efficiently, and ensure new content for the playerbase. Atlantica Online will also start using Nexon's NX Cash for in-game currency and will convert current Gcoins into NX Cash at the rate of 100:1,000. Atlantica Online has already removed the stamina system from the game, allowing gamers to play as long as they like without restrictions.

The transition between NDoors and Nexon will take the better part of a month to make sure that everything moves over smoothly. Until April 19th, players will be able to use their NDoors accounts to log into the game, after which it will be necessary to make the switch to a Nexon account. By moving early, players will get a grab bag of goodies for their diligence.

Atlantica Online has posted a rather extensive FAQ about this transition for all interested parties.
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