Dell Streak 7 gets certified in WiFi-only form, shows up on Amazon for pre-order

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|03.18.11

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At about $200 on-contract, Dell's Streak 7 is one of the cheaper ways to get yourself into an Android tablet -- or at least into one made by a manufacturer you've actually heard of before. But, that "on-contract" bit means of course the 3G-equipped handheld will be considerably more expensive in the long-run -- or $450 up-front if you skip the contract. Here's one that isn't. Early this AM we got word that a WiFi only version of the tablet had been certified and, now, here it is up on Amazon for pre-order. No release date is available but the price is: $379.99. That's about $70 less than the 3G model and $20 less than the 3G-free Galaxy Tab is expected to retail for. Is that cheap enough to make up for its flaws? That, dear reader, is a question you must answer for yourself.
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