Is your Thunderbolt having LTE mobile hotspot problems?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.21.11

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Is your Thunderbolt having LTE mobile hotspot problems?
We'd been excited to use our HTC Thunderbolts as integral parts of our show setup here at CTIA this week -- only thing is, the mobile hotspot capability is kind of important if we're going to make that happen. On one occasion while reviewing the device last week, we noticed that the phone's radio was cycling between LTE and CDMA-only coverage, dropping the data connection to the tethered devices altogether each and every time, effectively rendering the hotspot capability useless -- thing is, we only saw it happen once. Well, this week at the show, we've got two Thunderbolts on hand and they're both exhibiting exactly the same behavior... and they're doing it consistently, which sadly means there'll be no LTE for us at this week's festivities. A quick check of Verizon's official support forums confirms that other users are seeing the same behavior, so it seems to be a real problem; we'll let you know when we hear more. In the meantime, follow the break for a video demo of the issue.

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