Camtasia hits Mac App Store; TechSmith sees sales jump

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Camtasia hits Mac App Store; TechSmith sees sales jump

For capturing screencasts, one of the more widely-used tools is Camtasia from TechSmith. After many years as a Windows-only application, the company brought Camtasia to the Mac world in 2009, and it's been well-received by Mac users ever since.

TechSmith recently added Camtasia to the Mac App Store to test the waters, which they found welcoming. The app was listed for a while as a "staff favorite," and the company is reporting that sales of Camtasia have risen over 20 percent since the app appeared in the Mac App Store. TechSmith kept the price at US$99.99, and it's still available directly from the company's website, so the increased sales appear to be coming solely from improved visibility.

In addition, TechSmith reports that the Mac App Store seems to be making Camtasia more visible to an entirely new audience. According to a TechSmith spokesman, Mac App Store sales are coming from all over the globe, not just the more traditional US market.

We'd love to hear from other Mac developers who have taken the plunge and added their apps to the Mac App Store after selling them through traditional channels for several years. Have you also seen your sales take off? Let us know in the comments.

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