White iPhone reportedly disappears from Apple inventory database

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White iPhone reportedly disappears from Apple inventory database

Overnight, Apple put up the yellow sticky note announcing its online store was down. Apple flipped the switch back on earlier this morning and visible changes to the store were minimal. Behind the scenes, though, a tipster to 9to5 Mac claimed Apple removed the white iPhone 4 from its retail database. This has led some to question whether the white iPhone 4 will launch as expected this spring.

This report was corroborated by the Italian blog Apple Rumors when it posted up screenshots that reveal the removal of images of the white iPhone 4 from Apple's Italian website. Yesterday, Apple's website advertised its bumper cases on a white iPhone 4 model, while today the bumper-cased iPhones are now all black models.

You can't read too much into this as the images may be an arbitrary switch, and the removal of the iPhone 4 from Apple's database may be in preparation for a launch, not the death knell of the elusive handset. We will have to wait patiently to see if Apple comes through with the white iPhone 4 in the next month or so.

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