Hello Kitty Online donates $6,000 to Japanese earthquake relief fund

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.13.11

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Hello Kitty Online donates $6,000 to Japanese earthquake relief fund
It's been inspiring to see how many people have stepped up following the tragic Japanese earthquake and tsunami a month ago, including gamers and studios. Sanrio Digital rallied Hello Kitty Online players to the cause with its aptly named Japan Earthquake Aid project.

During a recent in-game event, players were encouraged to gather together special items and hand them in to a GM. Depending on the amount of items accrued over the event, Sanrio Digital promised to donate a variable amount of money to Project KIBOW, which helps fund Japan's Civic Force, an organization that hands out supplies and food to those still struggling with this crisis.

Sanrio announced today that due to the players' efforts, the company is handing in a check for $6,041 on behalf of Hello Kitty Online. Helpful players who passed a certain item donation threshold received a spiffy in-game Tokyo outfit as a thank-you from the company.
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