'SupaBoy' handheld lets you take SNES games on the go

Hyperkin, who sells third-party gaming accessories and various retro game devices (like the RetroN3, a combination NES/SNES/Genesis) announced its next product at the Midwest Gaming Classic last month: the SupaBoy, a portable SNES console that works with real SNES cartridges. It's shaped like a controller, but it also has two controller ports, so you can play while you play.

According to CVG's report on the device, it has a 3.5" screen, a rechargeable battery that runs for about five-and-a-half hours, and AV out for use on real TVs. It's due for launch in America this summer. It might look a bit silly with the huge cartridge sticking out, but Sega got away with pretty much the same thing. Officially.