Apple a part of $75B civil rights, fraud lawsuit

Apple is a defendant in an unusual lawsuit that accuses the company of "outrageous and reckless and extreme acts against the plaintiff, with the massive theft of the plaintiff's copyrighted works, grossing millions if not billions of dollars."

The plaintiff, David Louis Whitehead, filed his claim in US District Court in the Western District of Arkansas and is asking for US$75 billion in relief and another $5 billion in damages. Whitehead has a long list of earlier lawsuits and cites many of these cases in this current filing.

The suit takes a turn for the weird when you look at the eclectic group of defendants cited by Whitehead. The list contains businesses, celebrities, banks and Hollywood studios. Even the current President and former Presidents of the United States were cited because they supposedly appointed judges to thwart Whitehead's legal actions.

Besides Apple, Whitehead also lists Oprah Winfrey, Mike Meyers, Mel Gibson, Viacom, Disney, Bank of America, Comcast, Microsoft and more in this frivolous lawsuit. The reasons for Apple's inclusion in this lawsuit were not mentioned, and Apple has not commented on this lawsuit.

[Via MacObserver]