CCP announces EVE create-a-ship contest winners

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|04.14.11

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CCP announces EVE create-a-ship contest winners
The results are in from CCP's create-a-ship contest for EVE Online, and CCP Guard has posted the official results on the game's forum. A player by the name of Alexey M takes home the top prize for his Mentor Battlecruiser, as well as $900 and a gaggle of EVE-related swag (including a one-year sub to the game and one of CCP's swanky ship models).

Four runners-up didn't do too badly either. Each of them walked away with a cool $600 and an EVE prize pack. In addition to the winning Mentor, which you can ogle in the image above (and which will be making its way into the live game in short order), CCP has published all of the finalists' handiwork on its website.
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